Planning a wedding on the Isle of Man

Planning a wedding on the Isle of Man

Planning a wedding or an elopement on IOM

Whether you live here, have lived here or you have chosen the Isle of Man for your destination wedding (and why not?), this is a comprehensive guide about everything that you need to know!

Can you legally get married on the isle of man?

All couples can marry if they're both aged 18 or over and are free to marry, that is, if they're single, widowed or divorced, or if they were in a civil partnership which has been dissolved, can get married here, including same sex couples. However, if you are not a citizen or a resident of Isle of Man, UK or Ireland, you may need to apply for a Marriage Visa. You can find more information here.

Wedding venues

For most couples the first thing to book is a wedding venue. For a very small island, we have a reasonable choice of wedding venues. Some of these you may have already heard of and some you may have not.

There are several types of wedding venues that you can choose for your Isle of Man wedding. There are several dedicated wedding venues as well as those that double up as restaurants, hotels and even those that during the week are football clubs, yacht clubs and children’s nurseries.

If you would like to see wedding photographs from these venues, please click on the images, which will take you to wedding galleries.


I love photographing wedding in Milntown! The gardens change throughout the year, so there is always something to see! I have photographed weddings here in spring, summer and autumn and it’s just beautiful no matter what time of the year it is! Of course, as everywhere else on the island, the gardens are at their best if the weather is nice and you can have a ceremony inside the gardens, surrounded by flowers and a buzz if bees.

Smaller weddings are held in the restaurant, whilst larger ones need to hire a marquee. I can’t talk about Milntown without mentioning the food! The head chef here is brilliant and I always look forward to eating here at weddings!

Bradda Glen Restaurant

When the weather is nice and you can have an outdoor ceremony, no other venue beats Bradda in terms of views! The views over Port Erin and the cliffs towards the Sound and the Calf of Man are incredible! Luckily, even if the weather is not playing ball, the views are still pretty good from the inside too! Not as good as from the outside, but certainly better than anywhere else! The reception, as well as the ceremony in bad weather, are inside the café


Another contender for best views is Niarbyl café, it’s absolutely stunning on a sunny summer’s day. But, if the weather is bad, it can be a bit wild up on Niarbyl headleands. Also, you need a marquee for your reception here (as well as the ceremony in bad weather).



Another favourite of mine are the stunning gardens at Madeline’s. It’s a fairly new wedding venue that is just simply gorgeous! And Madeline is such an amazing person herself, you are sure to have a fun time planning your wedding here. What I like about this wedding venue the most is that these gardens are designed to look just as good after dark as during the midday sun!



A popular venue for wedding, The Abbey Restaurant is know for the incredible food and service that they provide. It’s set in a quite part of the Isle of Man and is located right next to Rushen Abbey gardens, which you can also hire. The inside of the restaurant is beautifully done and it is very atmospheric here, especially once the light falls!

The Nunnery

Another beautiful wedding venue is the Garden Room at the Nunnery. This is well suited for large weddings.

Amisfield House

Another garden venue with beautiful views.

Comis Hotel

Comis Hotel is an all round great option for a wedding. It has beautiful rooms where you can get ready in, a room for a ceremony and gorgeous large area for your wedding reception.

Other venues

There are many other wedding venues or places that can be used as wedding venues on the Isle of Man. They include many hotels like the Empress, the Sefton with it’s beautiful garden room, the Regency hotel and the Ramsey Park Hotel. There are also beautiful venues by glens, like the Laxey Glen and Glen Helen as well as Manx Fun Barn. Then there are lower cost venues, like the beautiful Ballasalla village hall, Port St Mary village hall, Douglas Yacht Club and Union Mills Football Club.


Manx Heritage Sites

Rushen Abbey, Peel Castle and Castle Rushen are gorgeous and historical places on the island for wedding ceremonies. The gardens at Rushen Abbey are beautiful and the views at Peel Castle are incredible! One thing to bear in mind though is that as beautiful as Peel Castle is, if the weather is bad, the ceremony is held in Manannan museum instead.

Registry Offices

Douglas Registry Office is the most popular one, but I have also photographed weddings in Peel, Ramsey and the Douglas Town Hall.


One thing the island doesn’t have a lack of is churches. They are everywhere! From big ones to tiny ones! Some of my favourites are the big churches of Tynwald church (The Royal Church of St John the Baptist), St Ninian’s church, Peel Cathedral and Braddan church as well as little ones of Christ Church Laxey, Old Lonan church, St Luke’s church and Kirk Christ Church in Port Erin.