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I am a wedding and family photographer based on Isle of Man. However, I travel to the UK and the rest of the world too. So, if you would like me to photograph your wedding or engagement where you are, or if you would like me travel with you to capture your destination wedding, send me a message.

Over the years I tried many different genres and styles of photography. I tried to follow and learn from the best in those genres and follow and work within the constraints of their rules in composition, light, technique and editing. Until one day I came across a few photographers who photographed without any rules and their work was and is amazing! I felt like it gave me a permission to photograph the way that suits me. I am chaotic, disorganised and a little wild with deep love and appreciation for nature. And I am a romantic, and I always have been. I was the child who read romance books underneath my table at school while the teacher was teaching other subjects. I feel contrived and trapped within rules and regulations. Which is why I now photograph with my heart and soul instead! And I have found such freedom in it! And in doing so, my couples now book me because they feel they can be themselves in their photos. I love what I do and do what I love! And that is the ultimate happiness! 90% of the way I photograph is documentary, 10% is directing. I don't pose. I used to, until I worked out that I just didn't like doing it. Instead, I focus on bringing out the connection that people have for each other. Over time I realised that I am a storyteller. Whichever genre I do, I like to tell a story with my photos. And I don't like to do photoshoots that don't tell a story. So look through my images and the stories they tell - stories of people, love, connections and places. I have a wonderful family, a daughter and a husband. I am originally from Latvia, but I have lived on the Isle of Man for 15 years now. Both travel and photography are great passions of mine. So far I have visited over 30 countries, and I hope that number will expand substantially in the future

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